P.L.A.Y. Silver Lake Preschool offers a variety of choices to match the needs of the community. We offer 2, 3 & 5 half day and full day programs. These programs are designed for parents who are looking to both introduce their children to a more academic and social environment or give their child an edge when preparing to enroll for elementary school.

Kindergarten Montessori

3:30-4:30- We at P.L.A.Y. Silver Lake believe in fostering young children’s ability to absorb knowledge. Here we have set aside a portion of the day to allow children to learn the ability to sit down and challenge themselves. We exclusively use the “Explode The Code” and “Get Set for the Code” educational program. These series of books are Montessori-based learning workbooks for children ages 3-5. This program is included with enrollment at no additional charge. The program includes tasks such as:

1. Visual tracking, matching, tracing, copying, and identifying the letters and their sounds.

2. Special emphasis is given to discriminating between similar objects and letters, to developing the motor control necessary to write legibly, and to developing the listening skills children need to follow directions carefully. By the time children finish the series they will have learned all of the lowercase consonant letters as well as their sounds and written forms

4:30-5:30- Electives Free Play. Here children have the option of enrolling in extended care hours or in one of the electives offered at PLAY Silver Lake including pottery, art, dance, movement, ballet, hip hop, tap.

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